Title: In The Pard’s Shadow (original title: L'Ombra Del Gattopardo)
Italian Publisher: Salani
International rights: Atlantyca Entertainment - www.atlantyca.com

A mysterious creature roams the heart of the Appennines. Ancient tales decribe a feline that has always lived in the most remote forests, a legendary animal called the “pard”. In the Abruzzo National Park its traces are all over the place: dead animals, footprints, a spotted coat in the shadows of the wood. Sandro Di Ianni, a park ranger, is asked to investigate.
And so he starts out an adventure that will lead him to explore obscure shadow zones inside and outside himself. Five young and inexperienced volunteers at the park are involved in this complicated case that will turn their exerience into something that they will hardly forget.
With his unmistakable style, Giuseppe Festa guides us through an exiting journay, from the majestic forests of Abruzzo to the endless Finnish taiga, where we discover a kind of nature that we should respect and try to be part of. The pard is part of this nature, a mystery and a legend, both of which are precious commodities at a time where everything ends up in the limelight, mortifying imagination and the fascination of the unknown.