In 2001 Giuseppe Festa gave life to his band Lingalad, whereof he is composer and singer. Over the years, the Lingalad have been acclaimed by both the public and critics, obtaining national and international achievements.
In 2003 he was invited to perform at the premiere of Peter Jackson’s film The Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King in Toronto, Canada. There Giuseppe premiered his album and received appreciations by Priscilla Tolkien herself, daughter of the Oxford professor.
In 2009 the band won the competition Radio Life Gate – Talents for Nature.
In 2012 Giuseppe performed the leading role (as a traveller-musician) in the documentary Oltre la Frontiera, filmed in Wyoming and South Dakota by Piccioli Brothers Filmaker. The documentary was the winning submission of the 23rd International Rovereto Film Festival’s Archeology and Society category.

John Howe, Oscar-winning conceptual designer of Peter Jackon’s The Lords of the Rings has reviewed the music of Lingalad. “Lingalad’s music resembles the music a forest might make, or the rising sun or an approachin4g storm might create, if we could hear it. It is music that tells more that just stories, it evokes the worlds-of-the-mind that create myth and legend. The right words to describe it are not words about sound, only words about sight will do – brightness and shadow, dawn, mist and rain” - John Howe

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