Title: The Moon Belongs To The Wolves (original title: La luna è dei lupi)
Italian Publisher: Salani
International rights: Salani - www.salani.it (West Europe and America)
Atlantyca Entertainment www.atlantyca.com (East Europe and Asia)

Rio is the alpha male of a pack of wolves forced into famine and a drop in birth rates. In order to save his pack he will have to guide them beyond the boundaries of the Apennine Reserve, towards new hunting grounds.
Lorenzo, a near-graduate who is working on research about wolves, together with Greta, a young girl destined to sell perfumes but capable of giving up on everything in the name of adventure, will be there to help him.
Giuseppe Festa creates a new adventure and survival story with simple but effective writing. He recalls the classic formats used by Jack London and Richard Adams, updating them on the basis of the most recent ethology studies on packs. Most of the episodes in the book are taken from real experiences with wolves.
Taking us to wild and fascinating places, Festa gives life to a touching story of solidarity between men and wolves, no longer enemies but brothers under the same moon.