Born in Milan in 1972, Giuseppe Festa graduated in Natural Sciences and was an environmental educator for years (Ekos project). At the same time, he started cultivating his great passion for music - in 1999 he produced his first solo record Voci dalla Terra di Mezzo, inspired by the Tolkien masterpiece "The Lord of the Rings".
In 2001 he gave life to his band Lingalad, whereof he is composer and singer. Over the years, the Lingalad have been acclaimed by both the public and critics, obtaining national and international achievements.
In 2009 the band won the competition Radio Life Gate – Talents for Nature.
In 2012 Giuseppe performed the leading role (as a traveller-musician) in the Piccioli Brothers documentary Oltre la Frontiera, filmed in Wyoming and South Dakota. The documentary won the 23rd International Rovereto Film Festival, in the Archeology and Society category.
In 2013 he published his first book Il passaggio dell'orso – The Coming of the Bear (Salani Editore), “a beautiful tale” according to acclaimed author Dacia Maraini “which celebrates Nature without lacking in respect for human beings.”
In 2014 he published the book L’ombra del gattopardo – In the Pard’s Shadow (Salani Editore) and in 2015 the children’s novel Incubo a occhi aperti - A Living Nightmare (Piemme).
In 2016 he published the novel La luna è dei lupi - The Moon Belongs To The Wolves (Salani), a book recommended by WWF.
Giuseppe Festa works also as a film-maker for RAI TV, the biggest television broadcaster in Italy.